Head 8R

Compatible with all D-Effe Stringers

Where diagonal stringers are required

Head for raised floor pedestals.

The Head 8R is perfect where diagonal stringers are required to install the raised floor.

  • Bas plate: 80×80 cm, galvanized steel (electrolytic galvanizing).
  • Coining and ribbing for higher tensile strength.
  • Automatic assembly base plate – tie-rod – nut.

Head 8R

1. Eight Spokes

For connection of the longitudinal and diagonal stringers (snap fit).

2. Reinforcement Ribbing

Coinciding with the stringer connections.

3. Nut

With locking notches.

4. Tie-rod M16

Made of galvanized steel (electrolytic galvanizing).


  • Non conductive thermoplastic material.
  • Very easy to fit: just slight hand pressure is required.
  • Easy centering of the panels thanks to the 4 reference marks (segments).
  • Also available without segments for installing through panels.
  • Also available in conductive material.

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