Head 4R

Compatible with all types of D-Effe stringers

Light and strong

Head for raised floor pedestals.

  • Base plate: 80×80 cm, hot-dip pre-galvanized steel.
  • Improved tensile and bend strength, thanks to the external forming and ribbing.
  • Automatic assembly base plate – tie-rod – nut.

Head 4R

1. Four Spokes

For connection of the longitudinal stringers (snap fit).

2. Larger Support

Larger support surface for panel.

3. Reinforcement Ribbing

Coinciding with connections of the stringers.

4. Two Tabs

For better tightening of the stringers (higher number of threads gripped and acting as guide for inserting the screw).

5. Nut

With locking notches.

6. Tie-rod M16

Made of galvanized steel (electrolytic galvanizing).


  • Non conductive thermoplastic material.
  • Very easy to fit as just slight hand pressure is required, via 4 connection points consisting of just one snap-in tooth reinforced to avoid risk of deformation.
  • Easy base plate release thanks to the 2 ergonomic gripping points positioned at the 2 vertices of the gasket, which free it by opening the connection teeth.
  • Easy centering of the panels thanks to the 4 reference marks (segments).
  • Also available without segments for installing through panels.
  • Also available in conductive material.

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