Total stillness

Raised floor pedestal with round section pipe.

The nylon bushing ensures the pedestal is completely noiseless.
Precise insertion of the tie-rod in the pipe makes for the utmost stability and strength of the raised floor.

Base for raised floors StillBase with Head 4R

1. Secure fastening and electrical continuity

Thanks to the engagement of the bushing teeth with the notches on the adjustment nut.

2. Central flaring

For adapting to uneven surfaces.

3. High structural rigidity

Ensured by ribbing designed by load simulation on finished parts.

4. Four holes Ø 8.5 mm

for mechanical anchoring to the floor if required.

5. No noise

Thanks to the press-fit nylon bushing which avoids direct contact between the metal surfaces.

6. Adjustable height at the job site

Thanks to the self-centering press-fit coupling (no welding) whereby the pipe can be separated from the base plate.

7. Pipe

Ø 22×1,5 mm.
Galvanized steel (electrolytic galvanizing).

9. Base plate

80×80 cm.
Galvanized steel (electrolytic galvanizing).


  • Load Test
    External Certified Body