Head Strong

Compatible with the Stringers Strong

Strength and stability

Head for raised floor pedestals.

  • Material: galvanized steel (electrolytic galvanizing).
  • Base plate: 100×100 mm.
  • Automatic assembly base plate – tie-rod – nut.

Head Strong

1. Tabs

Bent at right angles inwards to avoid lifting/slipping out of the stringer during assembly.

2. Four Spokes

Arranged to seat the tubular through stringers.

3. Two Connection Points

Calibrated to compensate for any irregularities of the stringer pipe.

4. Holes

Drilled on the tabs for fastening the stringers with 3-lobe screws M5x10 mm.

5. Reinforcement Ribbing

On the surface for improved tensile strength.

6. Tie-rod M16

Made of galvanized steel (electrolytic galvanizing).

7. Nut

With locking notches.

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