Maximum strength and stability

Pedestal for raised floors with square pipe.

The square pipe is produced in-house by cold working of sheet metal, welded to the pedestal base. Maximum strength and perfect stability, customized in various heights each 10 mm.

QBase is a D-Effe patented product.

Base for Raised Floors QBase with Head 4R

1. Secure Fastening

Thanks to the engagement of the pipe teeth with the nut notches.

2. Strength and Appearance

Seaming over the entire length of the pipe ensures rigidity of the tubular leg with no welding.

3. Central Flaring

For adapting to uneven floor surfaces

4. High Structural Rigidity

Ensured by ribbing designed by load simulation on finished parts.

5. Four Holes Ø 8.5 mm

For mechanical anchoring to the floor if required.

6. Precision and Stability

Fine calibration of the inner sliding diameter thanks to the calibrated bosses acting as base – head guide and reinforcement of the tubular legs (over all production lengths).

7. Adjustable height at the job site

Provision for shortening the pipe length but still retaining the guide bosses.

8. Square Pipe

18.5×1.2 mm. High Strength hot-dip galvanized steel; the internal galvanizing ensures improved corrosion resistance.
For lengths over 298 mm, pipe dia. 20×2.0 mm is used.

9. Accessories

Provision for creating intermediate points for fastening accessories.

10. Stability and Tightness

Projection welding for coupling between the base plate and pipe ensures structural stability and tightness without leaving traces of visible welds.

11. Base Plate

80×80 cm. hot-dip pre-galvanized steel.


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